Healthy Habit Is On The Move!

May 19, 2012: Team New Eden has successfully launched three of the Drink A.C.T. products at Healthy Habit Health food store in Phoenix, Arizona. In order to successfully launch the product, Team New Eden members have taken turns working the sample tables every single Saturday for a period of approximately two months in order to introduce and educate Healthy Habit customers!

Healthy Habit now carries the A.C.T. Energy drink, Saxi Super juice and G.T.O. (Get Turned On). Many wonderful business building leads have been obtained from the Healthy Habit events, and we have had a blast sharing the products that we love! Team New Eden is not done. We are support for Healthy Habit whenever needed and we are committed to our wonderful relationships with the store’s staff and to building and investing in people first– business building just naturally falls into place after that.

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